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In order to lawfully operate your vehicle in Virginia, you must have your decals attached to it. But before you get to apply for decals, make sure you have registered and titled your car. In Virginia, you can do it simultaneously.

If you have completed registration and titling, you can pay a visit to the local DMV customer service office and make a request for license plates. It’s not a difficult process.

You just need to bring the proof of identity, cheques of the payments, and of course all documents concerning the vehicle (purchase certificate, insurance proof, etc.).

The next step will be choosing the type of tag. The general ones have a white background with blue letters on them. In case you choose the specialized ones, you may decide on the letter-digit combination you want to be on the tags.

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Important Information

Can you look up someone
by their tag number?

First of all, if running a lookup you will be able to see if the desired combination is available. Secondly, it will enable to get the vehicle data such as accidents history, engine type, etc.

Insurance Requirements

In VA, before you can get your number tags, you must display a valid insurance certificate and coverage. You should also have uninsured motorist coverage as part of your insurance policy. Otherwise, if you don't have them, you could face hefty penalties.

License Plate Renewal in Virginia

When you receive your tags, make sure to renew them on time. You may choose between a one, two, or three-year renewal duration. You will always receive a reminder notice in the mail if your expiration date is approaching. It contains information such as the due date, fees, and other pertinent information. You can complete all the paperwork, offline, or by mail in VA.

The Replacement and Surrendering

In case the renewal due date is near, you should also undergo the renewal, and make the applicable payments in order to be eligible for the replacement. The DMV proceeds with your application for some days and notifies you when your new decals are ready. For that period, you must be given temporary tags to attach to your auto or a motorbike.