License Plates Information of Virginia

As a matter of fact, in Virginia, you may register and title your vehicle simultaneously. It’s not a that hard and long process. Just get your documents ready, follow some simple steps and you’re done. Whenever you get the registration certificate, you can undergo the fill-in process for Virginia license plates.

What documents must I show?

  • Filled-in and signed request form
  • Proof of identity
  • Insurance certificate
  • Purchase validation documents
  • Inspections stickers
  • Cheques of applicable fees
Whenever ready, you get a notification from the local DMV that your application has proceeded. So, you should pay a visit to the local customer service office and obtain your registration cards and of course your tags. Being a two-plate state, VA requires you to have them attached to both sides of your automobile: rear and back. However, doesn’t concern motorcycles.

License Plate Types

The state offers a variety of number tag types you are able to choose from. First of all, you can differ VA tags with their unique design of white background on which there is written “VIRGINIA” in blue. If we talk with numbers, there are more than 250 types if you need to show your uniqueness. If we categorize them into some main groups, there are the following types of tags:
  • Military
  • Specialized
  • Disabled residents'
  • Vintage/antique
You can run a quick VA License Plate Lookup to check the availability of the custom combinations you want to get. Take into account that only law enforcement has the right to find out who is the owner of the vehicle by running a license plate lookup. There is no legal service you can use to obtain the information on your own.

Renewal Process

When you get your tags, you should be attentive to renew them on time. If you look at your decals you may see the due date written on them. It’s up to you to decide on a one, two, or three years renewal period.
If your expiration date is near, you will always receive a reminder notification via mail. It includes the due date, fees, and other important data.

So let’s check how to proceed with the renewal?

In VA, you can do it online, offline, or via mail.
For online applications:
  • First of all, keep the renewal mail ready.
  • Enter the DMV website and fill in the required data.
  • Make the payments online.
In fact, the same goes for in-person requests. You just ought to visit the office and fill in the documents you are given. Later, you should proceed with the fees.
For mail renewals, just mail the above-mentioned documents to the following address:
Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
P.O. Box 27412
Richmond, VA 23269

What should I do if I don’t use my decals anymore?

If you no longer need your decals you may surrender them. This option is available in three cases:
  • If you don’t have to drive a car and thus there is no need for decals
  • If you move out-of-state
  • If you want to change the type
However, if you buy a new vehicle, you may just transfer the existing one into a new one.

So what would you need to surrender the existing tags?

  • Just fill in the form
  • Make a payment of $10
If you have lost or damaged your decals, you don’t have to surrender them. Just ask for a replacement. You must just notice the department, provide proof of identity, cheques, and wait for the new ones!