Virginia Vehicle Registration and Fees

Whenever you buy a car in Virginia, your first step should be to register it. If you drive an auto without registration, you can face fines and even the loss a of driver’s license. Besides, having your car lawfully enlisted can help you in case it is robbed or lost. As well as this way you can show the card as proof of being the owner of the transport.
If buying from a dealer, it’s up to them to do the paperwork. However, if it’s up to you, consider that you have 30 days to complete all the paperwork.
VA offers three types of signup services to the local DMV:
  • Online
  • Via mail
  • In-person

Basic requirements for applying

To register your transport in VA you should have the following documents ready.
  • The title of the car
  • Request form VSA 14
  • Inspection certificate and sticker
  • Insurance
  • Driver’s ID
  • Get the VA license plates

Step-by-step guide on how to enlist your vehicle

When you have just moved and need to get all the documents done you should consider having these steps completed.
  • First of all, obtain a driver's license in VA
  • Within 30 days apply for a title
  • Provide proof of Virginia residency
  • Acquire the safety inspection stickers
  • Obtain the price certification signed by the customer and the seller
  • Make your payments cheques ready
If you are already a resident, you just need to follow some simple steps:
  • Fill in the request form of The "Assignment of Title by Owner" and "Application for New Owner Certificate"
  • Complete and submit the Registration form
  • Don’t forget about the insurance certificate
  • Make the payments
If you are more prone to online processes, you can undergo the paperwork through the DMV platform and receive reminders and notifications. In case you haven’t managed to complete the paperwork you may be charged a $10 late fee.

Applicable Fees and Discounts

The costs are mainly based on the transport type and weight. You may be asked to pay additional depending on what license plate you select. The fee also varies when you choose the annual or biannual renewal plan. If you have such a car that you mainly drive on highways, the DMV may ask to pay an additional amount.
There is a special discount method available for the residents. State offers a multi-year discount if you have the required qualification. Some sales also apply for the individuals who make the payments online ( nearly $3). Savings are possible when you choose your renewal plan.

The renewal information

You should check your vehicle every year after you have got it. After the checking, the company gives you a safety inspection sticker which you should have always displayed. Virginia vehicle registration renewal fee varies by the gross weight and type of transportation means. However, you may renew your certificate every one or two years. Just choose it beforehand when doing the paperwork.
The same actually goes for address changes. The court will give you a certificate on an address change to display to the local office. Later, you will get notified about the new registration card is ready to pick up.
What concerns the inspection, note, that it can only be done by a licensed safety inspector. It doesn’t even take much time - about two hours. The amount of payments varies for each type. For example, if you want your passenger automobile to be inspected you should pay $16.

Some additional information FYI

  • On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, the state accepts walk-ins. Mondays and Fridays are still reserved for appointments only.
  • A two-year Virginia vehicle registration costs twice as much as an annual one.
  • Before having your car registered, you should get the inspection certificate.
  • It is not necessary to live in the state to get the permit, however, you must show a valid residency address in VA.
  • Being a two-plate state means that you should carry both of them with you wherever you drive.
P.S Because of the pandemic restrictions, the state encourages to use of online DMV platform to undergo the required processes.