Vehicle Color Codes in Virginia

Whenever you purchase a vehicle and need to register it, the DMV also ensures to have your color code registered. This is mainly done for the law enforcement agencies and is also available on the registration card. The tint code enables you to avoid any issues connected to stolen cards or decals.
The vehicle color code is determined by the special chart and is selected by the hue that nearly matches your automobile’s. It is important to remember your automobile’s hexadecimal values as you will need them in any documentation connected to your car such as renewal, license plate transfer, etc.

Painting a car

Keep in mind that it’s illegal to change the main color of your vehicle as it will cause many troubles later. First of all, you get a special code when you register your auto and get new Virginia license plates.
Secondly, if you paint it with another shade, in case of being stolen it would be very difficult to find your automobile. The same difficulties may appear when running Virginia license plate owner lookup.
And finally, the law doesn’t allow you to do so and you may face penalties and fines.
However, in some cases the change is possible if you take the following steps:
  • When you purchase a car, there will be an RC book. Here you can find what tint you can go into. Take the book with you to the local DMV office.
  • If everything is OK, you will get an approval letter and can continue with the process.
  • You should take your vehicle to the special shop to paint it with exactly the same tint the DMV has approved. Whenever done, take your auto to the RTO, make any applicable payments.
  • Your final step will be to change the official documents of your car and indicate the new one on them.
However, there are still many shades the law bans to use most of the time for safety. The pigment and type of neon accent lights that a driver may add to an automobile are often restricted by legislation. As well as most localities accept yellow and amber neon lights but red and blue lights are frequently forbidden due to their prominent use on police cruisers.
Please, contact the local office to find more details.

How do I find out the paint and trim color codes?

The paint/trim sticker is usually always located in the same spot. It is located on the driver's door frame, either on the &qout;B&qout; pillar or on the door's edge.
The other place you can find it is beneath the hood. However, it is more likely that your sticker has been removed or your transport has been repainted.
If so, you can manually determine the hue of your vehicle. To do so just determine how many shades are there on your automobile. If there is only one shaded, enter the appropriate three characters describing that pigment. For example, if the auto is ORANGE, write ORG. If there are two tints, start with the primary pigment; for example YLW PNK for a yellow and pink car. The same goes for three shades; the dominant, the next most predominant, and the third one.