Titling a Vehicle or Trailer in Virginia

Whenever you buy a vehicle in Virginia, you should have it registered and get a pink slip within 30 days. If you have bought it from a dealer, it’s generally up to them to undergo the paperwork for the Virginia tag and pink slip. However, if you have decided to proceed with it alone, follow these simple steps.

First of all, fill in the application

The Virginia title application process is different for the residents and for those who have just moved here. It may also vary depending on whether it’s a vehicle or a trailer.
In fact, if you are dealing with in-state documentation you should have the filled-in and signed request forms in case of a new vehicle, MCO or MSO. Complete the application form in VSA 17A along with MCO or MSO.
For out-of-state automobiles, you must submit your filled-in application form automobiles and trailers. You only obtain a VA registration card if you register a car in VA. If you purchased the car within the previous 12 months, you will need to provide confirmation of the purchase price.
Please submit the following documentation if you are proceeding with an out-of-state registration for specific types of trailers:
  • A registration card that hasn't expired or hasn't expired in over a year.
  • A Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin, if available.
  • A VSA 17A form
  • The VSA 12 form must be filled out, signed, and notarized. Remember to explain why the prior one is unavailable.

Secondly, proceed with applicable fees and payments

The general fee for the VA transport is $15. However, there may be some taxes applicable. For example, if the sales and use tax are due when you register the car. Electric ones, excluding mopeds, are subject to a highway use fee. If you do not have confirmation of the purchase price, the tax will be calculated based on the official NADA trade-in value. A notarized Affidavit of Purchase Price may be necessary if the stated sale price is more than $1,500 below that.

Finally, select the type of your title: Paper or Electronic

You can request both electronic and paper Virginia car pink slips. To preserve security, you may request that DMV keep an electronic record. If you chose the electronic option, you can go to any customer care location and request an offline document if you need one. You must provide verification that you are the registered owner.
The same is true for the disposable ones. If no lien ever existed on the car record and no previous paper type was issued, a one-time disposable document will be provided at no cost.

Can I replace my title?

Surely, you can. As for everyone, you may also lose, damage, or have someone steal the certificate. If this is the case, you must apply for a replacement.
In case you're concerned, the state accepts both online and in-person applications. You can apply for license plate alterations in addition to replacing your registration card. The online request process is the best approach to ask for duplicates. However, if you intend to visit a local customer service center, use the DMV website to locate the nearest one and check its operating hours.