Submit Virginia Titling Applications by Mail

Whenever you buy a vehicle in Virginia, you must get a pink slip and register it within 30 days. Then, your next step will be to apply for license plates. The overall process won’t take you much time. All you should do is prepare the required documents and check if they are valid. Now let’s have a look at how to obtain the paperwork done in your name.

Titling and registering the purchased vehicle in your name

If you have bought a used car, you should follow up on the Virginia title application to modify the owner’s name to yours. VA offers online, in person, or via mail applications. Online applications are done with the DMV website. For in-person requests, you must pay a visit to the nearest customer service center.
To start the process via mail, first of all, verify that it contains a fully completed reassignment and buyer's certification part, as well as a signature on the back.
To start fill out the VSA 17A form. Make sure the filled-in information is accurate and there are no flaws or you may be rejected. If you need to obtain specialized license plates you should fill in the "Plate Information" part in the request form.
The next step will be to submit a comprehensive Bill of Sale. On the DMV website, you can calculate the applicable fees and make the payments. When processing the payment please choose the request from the drop-down menu, and be careful to enter your VIN to confirm your entries match data.
Keep in mind that you cannot send cash or proceed with credit card payments when you mail a request to the DMV. They only accept cheques or money orders.
Mail the documents to the following addresses
For the U.S. Postal Service

P.O. Box 27412

Richmond, VA 23269

For UPS & FedEx:

2300 West Broad St

Richmond, VA 23269

If you have chosen the personalized license plate, it’s recommended to run a Virginia license plate lookup to be sure the combination of letters and digits you want is available.

Replace a Lost Pink Slip

If you have lost your current tag you can apply for a Virginia title replacement. In order to be eligible, you should report a loss to the local office and fill in the request form. If you are the only owner, you only need to apply for a replacement once. If more than one person owns a car, each person must submit a separate application.

What documents will you need?

  • First of all, bring proof of identity.
  • Don’t forget the registration card.
  • And finally, provide the driver’s ID.

Can I make any changes to my pink slip?

Changing the name of the owner of a car normally requires filing a form and supporting papers to your state's department of motor vehicles. You need to bring proof of identity and any notarized document on a name or surname change from the court.
The same actually goes for address changes. The court will give you a certificate on an address change to display to the local office. Later, you will get notified about the new registration card is ready to pick up.