Vanity Plates Virginia

According to the most recent study, Virginia ranks top in the United States for registered vanity license plates. When driving in VA, you'll notice that approximately every sixth car has Virginia vanity plates. But what is the point? There is no specific reason for utilizing such tags; people simply want to express their individuality.
It's essential to note the difference between the two most commonly misunderstood types: vanity and customized. The most noticeable difference is the number of characters utilized; relatively only 3 digits or up to 7 letters, including both digits and letters. And as you may notice, there is a limit of 7 characters.

The application process

If you have decided to get a special decal for your car in VA, the first thing you should do is to attentively read the Guidelines and Restrictions. If you have no questions remained you may start the application process:
  • First of all, you should check the availability of your desired combination.
  • Then, if everything is OK, fill in the application form.
  • Later, you must make payments and attach the cheques. In addition to vehicle registration and special plate fees, vanity ones cost only $10 per year.
  • In case you want to proceed with the purchase by mail or at the local DMV, fill in the VSA-10 application.
The mailing address is presented below:
Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

PO Box 27412Richmong, VA


Fees and Payments

The fixed fee for such plates is $10. The renewal, registration, titling is not included in the price. The cost also varies based on the vehicle type and weight.


Surely, it’s up to you to decide on the combination for your car decal, however, the state applies some restrictions. For example, you cannot use the combinations that are
  • Harsh in nature, contain indecent, or vulgar elements.
  • May have sexually explicit or violent content.
  • Words and numbers that are excretory-related.
  • The term is used to denote intimate body parts or genitals.

Temporary tags

As t is known, you should register your vehicle within 30 days after you buy it. And even if you want to get special decals, you must have some patience to get them. But, so that you may legally drive in the state, the local DMV will give you temporary tags that will allow you to safely and legally operate your transport.

Renewal and Replacement

Your number cards are a subject of renewal every eight years. This doesn’t concern drivers aged 75 and more as they must renew them every five years. Generally, the due date is written on your license. But, anyway, the DMV sends you a reminder notification about 90 days before the expiry date. It enables you to care of the renewal paperwork on time and avoid fines and penalties.
The renewal can be done online, in person, or via mail. However, if you are going to do it for the first time, it’s obligatory to visit the local DMV. Virginia has also developed its online platform to meet your modern requirements and now you are allowed to register for online reminders and notifications.
If you ever lose your decal or someone stoles them you can apply for the replacement. If you have one of the remaining, you must bring them with you. As well as don’t forget about the insurance certificate and fees. You are able to also ask for a replacement online or via mail.

Surrender and Transfer

If you no longer use your tags, just fill in the surrender application form. Surrendering can be done if you move to another state, no longer drive an automobile, or just want to change your number tag types.

However, if you buy a new auto, you may transfer them to a new one. All you need to do is apply for a transfer in person. You will need to show your driver’s ID, license tags, the purchase contract signed by you, and the car owner. You can only transfer existing ones to your new transport.

Take into account that in all cases your decals must be valid and up-to-date.