Registration Forms

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles has made it easier to fill in the request forms concerning any modifications and applications on registration. For now, you can enter the Virginia DMV website and find the pdf versions of any form you need. However, there may be some examples that are not available for public use. You can contact the local DMV to make an appointment for the in-person application.
We have made it even easier to find the application forms and have collected all of them in an article you can see below.

Virginia Driver's License/ ID’s

If you need to find any request form concerning driver’s licenses or ID’s lookup here:
Application for a Driver's License and an Identification Card| DL 1P
Report on Customer Vision | MED 4
In-Car Driver Education Information Sheet for Home-Schooled Students | HS 3
Parental Authorization Application for Home-Schooled In-Car Driver Education | HS 1
Teenagers Under the Age of 15: Identification Card Application | DL5
Data Demand | CRD 93
For VA employers, submit a National Driver Register File Check Employer Request | DL 55
Individual File Check Request on the National Driver Register | DL 56

DMV Car Title and Vehicle Registration Forms in Virginia

If you need to obtain a registration card and title certificate just download and fill in the VSA 17A form.
The VSA 14 form is for application for original, renewed, or replacement paperwork.
The SUT 1A is for validating the cost of an automobile you recently bought as a recent model year, and you must title it with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.
If you undergo the process for Virginia License Plates, there are some general forms available on the website. For antique cars, you must fill in the VSA 10B and for the other types, VSA 10 is available.
The VIN number is given based on the VSA 22. Fill out VSA 66 if you want to request a lien transfer or additional lien for your car with the VA DMV.
If you operate a moped you should get certified by the local office.
If you want to keep a damaged, water-damaged, or non-repairable automobile, fill out VSA 58 form. SUT 3 is used to claim a tax exemption for a car that you are titling or registering in Virginia. To be eligible for tax breaks, you must complete the standards outlined on the form. When titling a vehicle with the VA DMV, fill out SUT 1 form to validate the purchase price of a recent model year car.
In case you have a lien on your car, there is SUT 4 available for transfers.
Notification of Address Change Request| ISD 01

For buyers and sellers

Here you can find the list of recommended and most used PDFs for transportation means buyers and sellers.
Authorization to Transfer Virginia Title Certification| VSA 24
If you are selling a vehicle in Virginia, enter the miles on this form for titling requirements| VSA 5
We hope that this article has come up to be useful for you. In order to quicken your application process, you can immediately download, fill in and scan the documents after having all the documents you are going to need ready. The main documents required are the proof of identity, the bill of sale, driver’s ID as well as the notarized and signed purchase certificate.