Replacement Virginia Titles

Every driver in Virginia who owns a vehicle should first register and get a pink slip for them. This enables you to undergo all the law processes, sell, present or give your automobile to someone. And as a matter of fact, you may lose, damage or someone can steal the certificate. If so, you need to apply for a Virginia title replacement. Let’s check together how to apply for the duplication in VA.
FYI, the state accepts both online and in-person applications. Along with registration card replacement, you can apply for license plate changes. Before you start filling out the request form of the decal, you can run a quick Virginia license plate lookup if you want to change the type of the tag into a customized one. The lookup enables you to check out if the letter-digit combination you want is available for a pick-up.

First step: Apply to the local office or visit the website

The best way to apply for duplication is to undergo the online request process. However, if you plan to visit the local customer service center, enter the DMV website to find the nearest one and see the working hours.
To step for a replacement pink slip vehicle you should have the following with you:
  • The request form (VSA 66)
  • Proof of identity
  • Cheques of the payment ($15)
For an in-person Virginia title application, find the nearest center, bring the printed and filled-in application form with you, provide the registration info and make payments. VA accepts cheques, cash, and card payments.
Whenever checked and ready, the clerk will notify you, and in case of any misunderstandings, errors, and flaws you may re-apply.
To proceed with the online application, visit the DMV’s PIN website. Later you need to fill in the customer number from your driver’s ID. Provide your personal information and proceed with the $15 fee.

Any adjustments in your title (name, address, etc)

You must always update your registration and pink slip information and keep them valid. That will enable you to conduct transactions such as registration renewals and others.
If you should change your personal information such as name, surname in a document you have to
  • Complete the request form / VSA 66
  • Provide the certificates of personal data change from the court
  • Bring the proof of identity
  • Pay $15 for the adjustments
In case you have moved to another address you should follow the above-mentioned process except for the court documents on the name/surname modification. Instead, you should bring ISD 01 about your living place change.
In case there is a co-owner of a vehicle with you, and he or she is dead, you can obtain a substitute in your name. You just need to submit the existing one and a notarized death certificate of the other co-owner. If you are transferring it because someone gave you the car as a will, you must provide the will or court order.

How shall I get my VA replacement title?

If you have no liens on your vehicle, the DMV will notify you the order is ready. All you need to do is to visit the local office and get it. The drivers who in advance asked for online service may just enter the website and have it printed.
If your car has a lien on it, first, bring the documents that show there are no issues connected to it. However, if you haven’t managed to satisfy the lien, the recorded lienholder receives the answer to your request.
Take into account, that only the latest tag is valid and can be lawfully used.

Original Pink Slips

If you have recently ordered to get its vehicle pink slip electronically and later want to get a printed one, you are able just to obtain it for free by visiting the DMV website.
If you want in-person service, just take the current registration card, proof of Identity, and driver’s ID with you to the nearest office. If you don’t have any liens you quickly receive your order.