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VA offers a lot of different types of number tags to choose from. In fact, the general ones that are given to residents are just a white background with blue letters written on them. In case, you want to show your uniqueness you may order personalized license plates. For officers and organizations, the state offers special types of number tags. If we categorize them we can have these main groups:
  • Military
  • Vanity
  • Specialty
  • Antique
  • For individuals with disabilities
Now let’s have a look at each of them separately.

Vanity License Plates

State offers to order your desired combinations on your Virginia custom plates by selecting the digits and letters you like. Just submit a one-of-a-kind mix of letters and numerals to receive one. A maximum of seven characters is allowed. Dashes are also counted as a single character. It is unlawful to use combinations that contain strong language, vulgarity, or incite violence. In fact, you just need to complete the application procedure simply by visiting the DMV website. But first, Each vanity plate costs ten dollars. In some circumstances, you should also pay the regular plate charge.

Military License Plates

The military workers may apply to get special tags. In order to get one, you must show your eligibility by submitting documentation such as your honorable discharge papers. Residents of Virginia may apply to get one at their local DMV office. This type commonly costs $10 per plate. However, it is subject to change due to a variety of variables. If you're looking for a complete list of military licenses decals in VA, go to the DMV website.

Specialty License Plates

You are able to choose from a variety of Virginia specialty plates to promote a cause, organization, or institution. A custom number of decals may be obtained based on your career, hobby, or interest in a particular cause. The specialized decals are limited to seven letters, and the combination is entirely up to you. Keep in mind that no one is permitted to use rude or derogatory language.

Disability license plates and placards

Residents can get disability license tags and placards if they have a permanent or temporary disability. You must also provide a valid medical certification from a licensed physician or physician's assistant. You must fill out the application form and pay the $5 placard charge. You may either pay a visit to the local office or mail the required documents to:
P.O. Box 85815

Richmond, VA 23285

Within 15 days after the DMV receives all of the required materials you will acquire the parking placards.

Antique Cars

If your car is older than 25 years, it is eligible for an antique car tag. However, you have to use them only for exhibitions or other special occasions. You must fill out the Applicant Certification form and pay a $50 charge to get antique tags.

Inactive Series

In Virginia, you can temporarily deactivate your decals. Inactive series are specially designed for those who operate motorcycles or other season-based transportation means. To temporarily disable your decals you shouldn’t have any tax issues on your vehicle and pay $10.
Customers should notify the DMV if their car's liability insurance is canceled during the registration term, or they risk facing harsh penalties if the vehicle is later discovered to be uninsured.